We are proud to offer a wide range of clubs at ECPS. They all run for varying amounts of time depending upon the time of year and are led by different members of staff.

Sporting clubs include: football, netball, cricket, rounders, quicksticks hockey & Judo. In addition to this we enter all cluster competitions available to us. We encourage competition as a way of improving both skills and fitness.

Art/craft/cooking clubs:

Let's Get Cooking: This is an extremely popular club for years 3 and 5. Children learn lots of cooking skills in making delicious, healthy recipes over 5 cooking sessions. They then take part in a fundraising event to raise money for future cooking clubs.

Knit and natter: children learn to knit in this very chatty, animated club which takes place over a lunchtime.

Craft club: children have the opportunity to put their creative skills to the test in making all sorts of items such as jewellery, tie dyed t-shirts and much more!

Gardening club: children grow both vegetables and flowers in our raised beds. This exciting club starts in Spring each year.

Music: We offer a range of musical clubs including basic recorder skills, ocarina, choir and orchestra (which takes place after school).

Warhammer: This is a very popular club that runs after school on a Friday. Children get to make sets for their battles and it helps develop imagination and creativity. 

Sign Language: Our sign language club learn to finger spell using the BSL alphabet. They also learn nursery rhymes and songs that they sometimes perform for the whole school at various special events. 

Other: Depending on staff and children's interests we have run the following clubs over the years: newspaper club, philosophy club, reading club, golf club, multi skills sports club and Lego club.