PE and Sport at ECPS


ECPS Netball team played 3 games in the first round, with only 1 game counting towards the final result. The game towards the Cluster result was played against Husthwaite, which we won 4-0. The other two games which we played were both friendlies. These games were against Linton, which we lost 1-0, with the goals being scored in the final minute. The other game, again Huby was a 1-1 draw.

On the second cluster evening out first game was against Huby. We were feeling confident after last week’s success. The whistle blew and the game began, it was going to be a tough match. Huby were fierce and wanted every ball. Huby got the first goal, by then we started to settle into out rhythm. Olivia scored our first goal to bring us level with Huby. They fought back scoring their second goal. Easingwold kept their heads and got the ball back down to our end. We managed to score the equaliser to 2-2. Phew!

Our second game was against Forest of Galtres, we were preparing for a tough night after the first game. We started overly confident and took possession of the ball for the majority of the game. The game finished with a 6-1 win to Easingwold.

The team played fantastically well together, taking their time and finding spaces to receive the ball. Our final game was against Stillington, we were still on a high from the last game so we needed to focus and channel our excitement. Again we started off confidently, and the game ended with a 5-0 victory. A fantastic game to end with, bring on round 3!

Despite rain most of the day round 3 was to go ahead! The first match was against Alne, the team were focused and eager to play. We found the net first which helped everyone focus. Alne, however were not going to give up easily. They continued to fight back. A quick change of positions at half time and we found the net a further 2 times. The final score was 4-2 to Easingwold.

Game two was against Sutton, and thanks to the first with the team were on fire. They found spaces, intercepted passes and most importantly found the goal 6 times. Due to the changes in the weather we were able to play our first game straight away meaning the team played all three games back to back. Our final game was against Sherriff Hutton, the first half of the game was a little bit of a disaster and we went 1-0 down. This seemed to school ECPS back to earth and we pulled a goal back to bring the score level at half time. The second half brought us a further 4 goals with the final score being 5-1 to us.


We played out first three cluster matches on Thursday 29th September. We beat Crayke 2-1, drew with Linton 1-1 and beat Husthwaite 3-0. We played as a team and have lots to build upon for the next round.

The second round took place on the 6th October. We played Huby; who help us to a 0-0 draw. Next we played Forest of Galtres, they were hungry for a win and played well, but again we managed a draw, 2-2 this time. Finally we played Stillington who we beat 2-0. Well played again team!


Sugar Mouse Cup

On the 21st September 2016 our football team played in the Sugar Mouse Cup. We beat Huby 2-0, Stillington beat us 1-0, Alne beat us 2-1, we beat Sutton 3-2 and we beat Crayke 4-0. The team played with heaps of enthusiasm and we came join 2nd overall. Well done!