At Easingwold Primary School we pride ourselves on our broad and balanced curriculum. One of our school aims, which we take into account in everything that we plan, is to provide exciting learning. Each teacher incorporates fun and exciting activities into each lesson. Opportunities are provided for pupils to practice and apply English and Maths skills in other subjects. Each term when a new topic is started there is a launch to hook the children into their learning. This might be a special event, a letter arriving for the class, the classroom being transformed in some way or an exciting stimulus to start a discussion. Each topic will also have a landing to give the topic a real purpose this might be opening a museum, a trip, an event the children have planned themselves, some fundraising or sharing presentations with other children in school.

Our curriculum works on a two yearly cycle as we mostly have mixed age classes. Our new curriculum was launched in September 2014 in line with the new National Curriculum. It is an ever changing curriculum and one designed to prepare our children to be life-long learners.

Click below to see the long term plans for our creative curriculum and the programmes of study for each year group in English and Maths. 

If you would like any further information about the curriculum your child is following please contact your class teacher.