E Safety


At Easingwold Community Primary School we take e safety extremely seriously and believe that a strong partnership between school and home is vital in tackling e safety issues. In today's world your child has access to games consoles, computers, smart phones, and tablets. All of these devices, whilst being fantastic methods of communication, also pose potential dangers. Your child has an e safety discussion at the beginning of every IT lesson where we discuss these dangers and the steps required to reduce them. We have had talks from our Community Police on e safety and we have e safety assemblies to further communicate the message.

In fully reducing the risk of e safety incidents, it is also vital that any device your child uses has parental filters on it and that your child is only accessing age-appropriate material. The minimum legal age for social media such as Facebook and Instagram is 13 years old. 

For advice on e safety please see the links below:




If you have any concerns or need any advice at all about e safety then please do not hesitate to contact us.