Learning Websites


There are a huge variety of websites to help your child in their learning. Below you will find a small selection of some of the more useful websites.


The pronunciation of each of the 44 phonemes is incredibly important in teaching your child to read as correct pronunciation of the phonemes enables your child to blend sounds together easily. Click on the link below to hear how each phoneme should be articulated:

Articulation of phonemes

There are a huge amount of phonics websites to use. Here is a selection for your child to use:

Phonics play

BBC bitesize

Family learning

Reading eggs Your child has their own user name and password for this website.


Mathletics Your child has their own user name and password for this website.

Crickweb KS1 – a fabulous resource with all sorts of mathematics activities.

Crickweb KS2 – more maths resources for KS2

Bitesize KS1   - Fun activities from the BBC to help children at KS1 learn more about Maths.

Bitesize KS2 – a super way to prepare for KS2 Sats

Conker maths – a way to help you learn your Maths Targets



The Children’s Poetry Archive – a site with lots of access to

Spelling Match  - how good is your spelling? Find out here!

Starship English from the BBC – access many fun literacy activities here.

Storymaker – from the British Council. Create a story online.

Dance Mat Typing - how quick can you become?


Nature Explorers – Explore different parts of nature

Mouth Power – learn how to look after your mouth really well

BBC Science – a wealth of science resources you can access to help you learn all sorts of science stuff!