Parent Teacher Association


Easingwold Community Primary School Parent Teacher Association.

Who are we?
Easingwold Primary School PTA is an organisation of parents, teachers and friends of the school. As a parent or guardian of a child at Easingwold Primary School you are automatically a member of the PTA. Being involved with the PTA is a great way to meet other parents, find out more about what is going on in school, and be part of your local community. You are most welcome to join us at any of our meetings or events.

What do we do?

The PTA has two main objectives:

1. Raising funds.

Our primary objective is to raise much-needed funds to enhance the excellent work that is going on at Easingwold Primary School. The school does a great job with the resources available, but there is always a need for more! In the past few years, this has tended to be about £5000 a year. Every single penny we raise is used in school to the benefit of the children.

We raise money to purchase specific items, for example: ICT resources, iPads, playground equipment, books, maths and spelling equipment. We also supply regular funds for school trips, to make these events viable, as well as providing dictionaries for all year 6 students and prizes for golden letter recipients. Everything we fund is done in close collaboration with the school, to best meet the needs of the children and enhance their learning.

2. Providing social events for children and parents.

We provide many activities throughout the year which give all the children a chance to enjoy themselves. Popular events include: school discos (separate ones for infants and juniors), summer fairs, summer ice cream stalls, and much more. We also help and support Year 6 children to raise funds for their own leavers’ event. For parents, we have in the past run quiz and curry nights, discos and other social events, and we are always open to ideas!

How do we work?

The PTA is a Registered Charity. We hold an Annual General Meeting in the autumn term to report on the previous year's activities and to elect a new committee which is made up of a Chair, a Vice-chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. We hold meetings about once every half-term where we discuss the events we will organise and which projects we will fund in school.

What do our members think about the PTA?

‘I joined the PTA as a new parent to the area. It was a great way of meeting people and finding out more about the school.’

‘I like it that there is never any pressure to contribute to events or to attend meetings – we all have busy lives and you can volunteer for as much or as little as you can.’

‘It is good to know that I am giving something back to the community where I live.’

‘Through the PTA, I have made some lifelong friends.’

‘The work of the PTA is needed more than ever as schools struggle to cope with dwindling finances. I know that every penny raised helps my children have a better experience at school.’

How can I join?

If you would like to be an active member, you can come along to our meetings and get involved. We are very friendly and welcoming! Our half-termly meetings are held in the evening, and usually last about two hours. All meetings have an agenda and minutes which are circulated by the Secretary. Click on the links below to read the minutes for 2014-2015 meetings.

We have many members of the PTA who do not come to meetings but are still very actively involved. These people are vital to the successful running of events for the children. For example, you might be able to offer an hour of your time to help at a disco (selling sweets and drinks for example).

What is the best way to keep in touch and find out more about the PTA?

There are contact details at the bottom of the page but the best way to keep in touch is to join our very popular Facebook page. This is a page for parents of the school that is used to share details of events, send reminders and for parents to ask questions about events. Why don't you visit our facebook page at 'Easingwold CP School PTA' and find out more.

Here are some examples of events we have organised so far this year:

Cake bakes every Friday
Halloween disco and Spring disco
Santa’s secret present room
Summer raffle
Raffles at school productions
Clothes recycling days
Cake stall in the market place
Non-uniform days and dressing up days
Providing lollies at sports days

You can contact the PTA by:

• Emailing:
• Visiting our Facebook page: “Easingwold CP School PTA”
• Dropping a note in the red PTA post box in school reception
• Leaving a message at the school office (01347 821282)

Click on the link below to join our mailing list. 

We look forward to seeing you!